NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS – “In Congress, there are showhorses and there are workhorses. Your Congressman is a workhorse.” With those words of praise Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (Maryland) has endorsed Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan for re-election on November 13.

“As the Democratic leader most involved in the day-to-day flow of bills on the floor of the House, Steny Hoyer has been absolutely essential to everything I have been able to accomplish for the people of the Marianas,” Congressman Sablan said.

“I appreciate his words of confidence and look forward to working with him as the Majority Leader of a Democratic majority House of Representatives next year.”

The full text of Hoyer’s letter follows:

Voters of the Northern Mariana Islands,

In Congress, there are showhorses and there are workhorses. Your Congressman is a workhorse. Since his first day in office in 2009, he has worked tirelessly on your behalf.

As the Democratic Whip, I was proud to work with Congressman Sablan this year to pass his US Workforce Act through the House of Representatives.

For every bill that comes to the Floor, Congressman Sablan is focused on how it will impact the people of the Marianas and what he can do to protect your interests. 

With his work ethic and ten years’ experience, Kilili is the one you can trust to be your voice in Congress.



“It is really true that Mr. Hoyer was essential to passage of my U.S. Workforce Act, the CW bill,” said Kilili. “He had to approved bringing the bill to the floor for a vote under suspension of the rules and his office had to assure other Democrats that a bill allowing more foreign workers into the United States was okay to vote for.

“That is how we got the Workforce Act passed without any dissenting votes. I cannot say thank you enough for Mr. Hoyer’s partnership.”

Hoyer also played a key role in passage of Sablan’s Northern Mariana Islands Economic Expansion Act in August 2017. That bill temporarily allowed more foreign workers into the Commonwealth and, more importantly, permanently raised the amount of money that has to go for training U.S. workers in the Commonwealth.

The extra training money from Sablan’s bill – part of his long-term solution to workforce needs in the Marianas – has gone to pay for college scholarships, among other uses. Starting next year, use of the funds will be subject to rigorous new standards to ensure that the dollars spent result in US workers employed in the Commonwealth.

“Steny helped me get the bill passed when everyone had gone home for the August recess, something that was theoretically possible, but almost never done,” Congressman Sablan explained.

“Even after ten years in Congress, there are still new tricks to learn about the legislative process – and how to make it work for the people of the Marianas.”