We are entering the final stretch of the campaign. Now is the time to go all-out in your support for our campaign to keep Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan working for us. 

Greetings Friends,
Premier polling site FiveThirtyEight just upgraded the odds of a Democratic takeover of the House to 7 in 9. That means the chances for the Marianas to have a chairmanship in the next Congress are better than ever. But only if we return an Independent/Democrat to Congress on November 6.
Holding a chairmanship — on the Education and the Workforce Committee is my choice — means that Washington really will have to listen to the Marianas. Because we will be setting the national agenda on issues that are important to us: education for our young people, training for those who want jobs, higher wages and better working conditions, rebuilding school infrastructure, making college more affordable.
It took 10 years to get to this point. Now we are almost there.
Just 26 days until the election.
Now is when we can expect their attacks to become fierce. Now is when we have to keep our cool.
We have a great track record — return of submerged lands, food stamp funding, the change in the Title I education formula grant, the U.S. Workforce Act and 10 more years for the CW program, and, of course, 24-hour water for Saipan.
There is every reason to trust that voters are smart enough to stick with a winner, especially now that the House is likely to flip to a Democratic majority.
So, be confident. Stay positive. Keep a smile on your face. 
Remind your friends and neighbors and relatives that they have a Congressman who knows in his heart: He Works for You!
Get them to commit to vote for Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan on November 6. #1 on the ballot.

Thank you.

Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan