Congressman Sablan is a true champion of veterans, and we’re proud to endorse him for reelection. – VoteVets PAC


U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan thanked the 500,000 veterans, their families and friends represented by VoteVets for their endorsement of his re-election to Congress in the Nov. 2018 elections.

“Supporting our veterans and the men and women actively serving in the military has been a focus of my fifth term in office, now that I am on the House Veterans Affairs Committee,” Kilili said.

“I look forward to continue to serve those who serve our nation in every way I can in the years ahead.”

Among Congressman Sablan’s goals are a Department of Veterans Affairs Community-based Outreach Clinic with full-time staff to provide medical care in the Marianas, improved mental health services for veterans, and an increased VA presence to help Marianas veterans access all the benefits they have earned.

In a separate statement, Jon Soltz, Iraq War veteran and chairman of VoteVets PAC, said.

“Congressman Sablan is a true champion of veterans, and we’re proud to endorse him for reelection. It’s crucial, right now, that we have Congressman Sablan’s continued presence in Congress, to combat the growing attempts to privatize veterans health care. He’s been a great representative for the Northern Marianas, and an excellent champion for us veterans.”

VoteVets PAC said Congressman Sablan, like so many others in the Northern Marianas, gained citizenship with an executive order of President Ronald Reagan on Nov. 4, 1986.

“Even before becoming a citizen, however, Kilili had enlisted in the United States Army Reserves. He completed basic and infantry training, 11B10, at Fort Benning, GA, on March 27, 1982, as an E-3 and was promoted to specialist on Sept. 18, 1982.”

Kilili was “initially assigned to Charlie Company, 100th/442 Infantry [and] joined Echo Company, 100th/442nd Infantry, when that unit was established in the Northern Marianas. To maintain his Reserve status, he trained at Schofield (Oahu), Pohakalua (Hawaii), and Kahuku (Oahu) Training Ranges. Congressman Sablan received his honorable discharge from Army Reserves duty on Nov. 29, 1987.”

In Congress, Congressman Sablan is a member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. In 2017, he obtained a waiver from the usual two-committee rule to serve on Veterans Affairs in response to the need to improve services to veterans living in the Marianas.

Founded in 2006, the mission of Political Action Committee is to elect Veterans to public office, with a focus on Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, and hold public officials accountable for their words and actions that impact America’s 21st century troops and veterans. Though PAC is non-partisan, candidates it backs must support’s core mission and beliefs.